RSL Corps of Guards - Guardians of the ANZAC Memorial




Above: The RSL Corps of Guards - 2013 ANZAC Day March, Sydney.

As part of the amendments to the Returned and Services League of Australia (New South Wales Branch) Incorporation Act 1935 No 39, RSL NSW was appointed as the Guardian of the ANZAC Memorial. RSL NSW has appointed a Custodian, similar to the Custodian of the Cenotaph to administer and support the ceremonial services held at the ANZAC Memorial. For consistency purposes it was adopted by State Council that the State Secretary be appointed as the Custodian of the ANZAC Memorial.

This legislative appointment of the RSL as Guardians of the Memorial will give special honour to the RSL and its members, and a gatekeeper role in preserving the Memorial’s appropriate use. To exercise our gatekeeper role as described in the our Act, it was decided by State Council to agree to the formation of a prestige volunteer RSL Corps of Guards from League members to parade at Commemorative services and provide veteran interaction to members of the public.


To be eligible to be a member of the RSL Corps of Guards you must be a financial Service member or Life Member of the League in New South Wales, male or female.


The Corps of Guards are to be volunteers who have passed the induction & training course and who are willing to give of their time to promote the RSL, the ANZAC Memorial and uphold the ANZAC Spirit.

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